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April 15, 2017 4 min read

Guest Author: Jim Henry

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As a man, what should one carry on his person every day? What pieces of gear make up a proper kit to get the modern man through the week? These questions have crossed the mind of men like us for years, and continue to fuel the fire that is man’s obsession with “stuff.” From the things we carry, to the clothes we wear, and the tools we keep in our workshops, guys love gear. Check out the following guide to better influence what you may pick for your gentleman’s everyday carry.

Pocket Knife
For as long as man has roamed the earth, the knife has inadvertently been an EDC item regardless of geographic location or trade. Whether it’s a traditional folder such as a Case Stockman, or something newer and sleek, a man always finds comfort in having a sharp knife bumbling around in his pocket. When selecting a knife, be sure to pick something comfortable to carry, and purposeful for what you intend on using it for. Many men who opt to carry more of a slim knife may figure that their tasks won’t venture far from letter opening, slicing fruit, and trimming a rogue thread on their garments. Men who choose large knives will typically be seen slicing through larger objects, whittling, and even in some cases using their everyday knife for dressing small game. In some cases, another popular route that some guys take is for the multi-tool. Victorinox Swiss Army, Leatherman, and Gerber make fantastic multi use tools, which can prove beneficial if you want something small that is more than just a blade. 

Pen and Notepad
There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to take down crucial information and not having a way to record it. With the advent of smartphones, it’s now easier than ever to keep said information, but nothing beats the tried and true method of a classy notepad and pen. Companies such as Field Notes, and Moleskine have been producing excellent pocket sized memo books with quality paper for the ultimate ease of use. Where both brands come in various sizes, the back pocket sized memo pads prove very handy for work, and personal use. Aside from the memo pads themselves, many reputable companies such as Lifetime Leather Co. are making great wallets and cases for the notebooks to keep them in great shape even through hard use.

Messenger Bag
When it comes to gear bags, and briefcases for work, it seemed like I selected a new bag every few months depending on my mood. After a while, that got old, and as of late I've changed the pace and scaled down my daily carry to more of a minimalist setup using a small no name vintage style messenger bag. Going for a smaller bag may not be ideal for everyone, but I feel as though a few things are particularly important to men of all professions. Most importantly, your bag must be water resistant or waterproof. My leather/canvas messenger bag sees plenty of rain, so i’ve made sure to treat the leather, and wax the canvas so no water penetrates into the items inside. Secondly, make sure you have somewhere to securely store important documents and/or data. I keep my wallet in my bag most of the time, and multiple USB sticks with important information stored on them. Because of this, it’s a requirement of mine to have a semi-hidden zippered pocket inside of my bag, that way I know my stuff is safe. Lastly, make sure your bag is something you’re comfortable carrying. Depending on how much your bag is with you, the wrong sort of straps or carry handle can really make for a miserable time carrying it. If you follow these basic steps, your daily bagcan be both fashionable, and functional.

Luckily, if you’re in the market for a stylish watch, there’s no shortage of great candidates as of late. Between the unique wood stylings of WeWood, and the new Timex Weekender collection, one can definitely get a taste of what they believe would keep them on time every day of the week. A few things to consider when selecting a proper watch are case diameter, face color, band type, dial type, and most importantly, what features you desire. Case diameter is especially critical due to some men preferring a slim watch that stays out of the way to such a degree that you forget it’s there. Coincidentally, the same could be said for band type. Some men prefer a leather band because metal bands with links will often tug at arm hair every so often and give an unwanted sting. Other minor details such as illumination, dial color, and dial type are often left to the users taste, but something such as an aperture for the date may be important to those who like more than just the time. No matter what your style, not only is the wristwatch a fashion accessory, but it speaks volumes to the type of man you are- especially if you’re never late.

If you consider yourself an "old soul" you may even find a pocket watch to be an ideal accessory to accompany you on a night out or even as an every day carry.  They certainly offer a unique and beautiful way to keep track of time, along with connecting you to classy "gentlemen of old."

Good Luck Charms/Trinkets
If you’re the type of guy who prefers to click his pen during a meeting, this item may be just for you. Over the years, a man may collect special coins, artifacts, or simple trinkets that end up being carried everywhere with him, and this certainly fits into a gentleman’s EDC. Taking something special with us everywhere may not just be a superstitious thing, but also sentimental, which can aid in mood, and confidence. Aside from good luck charms, trinkets are also becoming popular. Spinners, sensory objects, and stress balls are other popular items that end up in our pockets or bags for our most boring moments. Most recently, spinners and “fidget toys” are popping up everywhere for the man whose hands can never stay idle. If you fall into this category, you may be inclined to check out one of these pieces of gear.

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Brandon Higginbotham
Brandon Higginbotham

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