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A Gift Guide For Men Created By Men

A Gift Guide For Men Created By Men

Do you want to get that memorable and unique gift for the man in your life, but struggle to find something that he doesn't already have?  Well, we think we can help you out.  Our store is built upon curating unique and custom gifts for men that we know they'll love because we're men ourselves.  To make things easier, we've put together this gift guide that is made up of our best selling items to help you find that perfect gift.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

What man doesn't love coffee and whiskey?  We created this amazing blend of Brazilian bean coffee that is aged in used bourbon barrels to soak up all those delicious flavors, and then the freshly aged coffee beans are roasted to perfection.  This is a one of a kind coffee that will be the talk of the holidays and will be a staple in households throughout the year.

Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus Knife

Our collection of knives are made from premium Damascus Steel which creates the beautiful detailed and intricate designs found on the blade.  These are not your everyday knives and their uniqueness and premium quality make for the perfect gift that any man will love.

Custom Whiskey Decanters


When it comes to drinking whiskey, it's all about the experience.  Our custom decanters are beautifully designed and add a nice touch of class, along with providing a great conversation piece to be put on display in a office or sitting room for the distinguished gentleman in your life.

Straight Razors

Straight Razor

We're bringing back the lost art of shaving where men can enjoy a relaxing and smooth shave with the help of our beautiful straight razor collection.  These premiums razors are both a work of art and a functional tool that allow men to experience the same quality shave that gentlemen for centuries have enjoyed.

Vintage Messenger Bag

Leather messenger bag

Every man deserves a quality bag that he can carry his laptop, books, and other items when he travels or heads out to the office.  Our collection of premium leather messenger bags provide the perfect combination of quality and affordability for a well made bag.


Wooden Watches

Wooden Watch

Virtually every man owns a watch, but often they all look the same.  That's why we introduced our collection wooden watches to offer a true display of craftsmanship and uniqueness.   

These are simply a few ideas to help you find that perfect gift for the man you love, but be sure to check out our entire collection of products.  We feel confident that we have something special you can find that will make this Christmas even more joyful!




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