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2018 Father's Day Gift Guide From A Brand That Knows Men

2018 Father's Day Gift Guide From A Brand That Knows Men

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for Father's Day, we feel a little partial when it comes to our authority on understanding what men like.  After all, we're a brand that from the beginning was created specifically with the man in mind (though we do have quite a few of you ladies that appreciate some of our products and content)! Regardless, we're here to help to make shopping for a Father's Day gift easy with our wide selection of products for men.  Whether it's a whiskey barrel ring, damascus steel knife, decanter, compass, hatchet, wooden watch, silver necklace, bourbon barrel coffee, straight razor, or a reclaimed whiskey barrel coffee table, we have you covered.  So let's start with a few ideas to peak your interest.

Whiskey Barrel Ring With Guitar String Inlay

This handcrafted ring is made from reclaimed Jack Daniel whiskey barrels and then paired with a copper guitar string inlay to provide a unique and well crafted ring that any man would be proud to wear.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

We made this Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee by taking using bourbon barrels and filling them with carefully selected coffee beans from Brazil.  We let the beans age and soak up all the delicious bourbon flavors and then we roast the coffee to perfection.  This coffee has been a best seller since we released it six months ago!

Damascus Steel Straight Razor

Shaving shouldn't be boring! We're bring back the lost art of shaving that our grandfather's enjoyed with our premium collection of straight razors.  These pieces will be an heirloom to be passed down for generations!

straight razor

50cal. Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

If you have a cigar aficionado in your life, then please take the time to look into this one of a kind product! This humidor is created by veterans that craft used 50cal ammo cans into functional cigar humidors. Spanish cedar wood trays are carefully crafted to provide 360 degree humidification for the cigars placed in it.  There's no question that this is a gift he'll never think he wanted until he sees it!

ammo can cigar humidor

14kt Gold or Silver Compass Rose Pendant And Necklace

The compass rose is a symbol of direction that not only points to the external destination, but also to the internal desires of the heart.  Its a constant reminder to stay on course to what matters most in your life.

7 Piece Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set

We designed this kitchen knife set with leather carry roll specifically for the cooking enthusiast or chef.  There's not doubt that this premium set will make an excellent addition for any culinary artist!

Leather Personalized Dopp/Toiletry Bag

The Dopp Bag has been a gentleman's staple for decades.  It keeps all his toiletries together during travel and is an attractive looking piece as well with it's handcrafted leather.  We also over personalization with his initials for free!

dopp kit

Cigar Cutter

There's basic cigar cutters, and then there's custom wood and stainless steel cigar cutters.  We prefer the latter, and I'm sure he does too!

Custom Whiskey Decanter

The experience around the enjoyment of his favorite whiskey is just as important as the whiskey itself. Our custom decanters bring a whole new level of satisfaction to the enjoyment of fine spirits!

whiskey decanter

Leather Messenger Bag

Whether it's a trip to his favorite coffee shop, the daily commute to an office, or a new outdoor adventure, our leather messenger bags are handmade from premium leather and make for a distinguished look!

messenger bag

Tobacco Pipe

The tobacco pipe is one of the oldest gentleman staples we sell in the store!  It's a way that gentlemen have relaxed, reflected, and enjoyed conversation with friends for centuries.  His IQ will increase immediately with one of our handcrafted pipes in hand!

tobacco pipe

Leather iPhone case

A iPhone case should be designed for more than simply protecting, it should also be a reflection of your style and personality.  For us, we think premium Horween leather made in the USA is a great way to style our phones!  We think he'll agree.

Damascus Steel Knife

Every gentleman should own a knife or two.  We love knives and have a large collection of both Damascus Steel knives and stainless steel knives.  These are some of our most popular items in the store and the men absolutely love them for their unique patterns and designs.

damascus steel knife


Custom Lighter

Let him light up that pipe or cigar with a little style.  And give him a collectible item that he will keep for a lifetime and pass down one day as well!

Reclaimed Silver Talisman

Our collection of handmade and reclaimed silver talisman pendants and necklaces are absolutely beautiful! They each have a special meaning and significance behind them designed specifically for the individual wearer.

silver talisman

Wooden Bow Tie

If he enjoys expressing his style, our collection of handcrafted wooden bow ties and lapel pins will make any distinguished gentleman happy!


Bar Tool Set

There's no better way to enjoy a fine cocktail than by having a set of quality bar tools. This set of brass plated bar tools will make any gentleman happy!

Bar Tool Set 



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